Waiting List

To sign up for a game see the "How to Join" and "How to Play for Free" pages.

Below are the open games for games, with indicative starting dates. There are no restrictions except you must play online. You must input your orders via the website and receive reports by email.

There are often good standby places available in games already running. Email if you want to move up from the waiting list to join the existing game (or, if you're just applying now, use the online form and send an email as well - to steven@darkage2.co.uk). If a game is listed as "due" that means the startup is pending or delayed.

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Kingdom Player Game DA7 - Opened for registrations 1st November, 2020
Cumbria Alan Milnes
Dyfed George Carhart
East Angles Jamie Thurman
Essex Alan Briasco
Gwynedd Open Free Startup        Preferences
Irish Sam Hayward
Kent Marc Rivoira
Mercia Open Free Startup        Preferences
Middle Angles Clay Smith
Northumbria Chris Jenkins
Picts Craig Jackson
Scots Martin Eales
Strathclyde Open Free Startup        Preferences
Vikings Max Hayward
Wessex Ian Garbutt
West Wales Gordon Milnes
Kingdom Player Game DA6 - Starter Turn Sent out Evening 15th July, 2020
No Open Positions

* If your name is on the list but marked with an asterisk then you gave us an email address that didn't work and you need to contact us to correct it before the game starts. If you miss your gamestart for this reason you can still try again another time. But with an email address that works!

If you apply for a startup and don't get a response then email us and ask. We've got a long list of people who asked to join but whose email addresses didn't work because they input them wrong.

Game Status

  • Game 1 - Complete
  • Game 2 - Cancelled
  • Game 3 - In Progress
  • Game 4 - In Progress
  • Game 5 - In Progress
  • Game 6 - In Progress
  • Game 7 - Registration